Tim & Val's 2002 Archive


Noah's 4th Birthday Parties (January)

Easter at the Augustine's

Mom & Dad Charboneau's trip to Alaska

Debi, Larry and the kids visit Delaware (Spring)

Hannah's Dance Recital (Spring)

Our trip to Sandals in the Bahamas (Spring)

New York City (Summer)

Our trip to Ticonderoga (Summer)

Around the Yard

Swimming at the Point

Canoeing in the Morning

Mount Defiance

Renting a Boat

Fishing at Crane's Lochaven Lodge (Fall)

Hannah's 7th Birthday Party at Nottingham Park (Fall)

Dad and Shannon Conquer Cascade

Christmas with the Bob and Leah's

Christmas in Ticonderoga

Climbing Cook Mountain on Christmas Day

Tim shows the kids how to slide (NH)

Rockin' New Years in Nottingham

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