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Click here to see a map of the resort.  Our room was located at Station #3, across the street from the Fitness Center.

We came from St Thomas on one of the resort's own ferries.  Here are both of them at the resort dock.

Here's a view from the dock as we arrived.  You can't see it in these pictures, but the beach goes off to the left for probably a tenth of a mile.

As we arrived at the resort, Caneel Bay Beach is the first beach that we see.  It's the busiest but still very sparsely populated this time of year.  This beach has sea kayaks, Sunfish sailboats, and windsurfing equipment available for guests to use.  We thought it also had the best snorkeling on the entire island.  We snorkeled multiple times along the right-hand shore if you are looking out towards St Thomas.

The walkway from the dock is lush and green.  We were amazed within moments of our arrival to start seeing new/interesting birds and wildlife.

Here's the Caneel Beach Bar.  On the resort, a glass of wine runs $10-20.  Val found one that she knew and liked for $12 (, so she just got one glass with dinner each night. Luckily, it was a big glass. :-)  Tim was drinking Virgin Islands Brewing Company Summer Ale.  Unfortunately, at one point during the week we actually read the label, and found out it was made *for* the VIBC by Shipyard Brewing Company based out of Maine.  So much for *local* beer. Either way, Tim enjoyed it.  Beers ranged from $5.50 to 6.25 each.

The Equator restaurant is round and open-aired.  It is situated in the sugar mill ruins.  Of all the restaurants, we liked this one the best for dinner.  Unfortunately, it was only open for a couple nights during our week-long visit.

A walk around the grounds shows off the beautiful lawn and flowering trees.  This first view looks up the hill to the Garden View rooms where we were staying.  Can't see the rooms?  That's the point.

Here's the main shuttle stop in front of the Equator restaurant.  The shuttle is available during daylight hours and through dinner to take guests around the property.  Most guests don't want to walk as much as we did.  Even we took the shuttle when we were headed up to the Estate House and Val was in her dress and high heels.  It was about 0.7 miles from our room to that restaurant.

Here's the view from the Sunset Terrace.

Valerie sits on the Sunset Terrace and watches the bay.

The view from our breakfast table at the Beach Terrace Dining Room.

An overhead view, taken from a pull-off on the road above, of Caneel Bay.  The resort dock is just visible in the lower right corner of the bay.

Another shot from that same pull-off on the road.  This one shows the Equator restaurant and some of the ruins.

Hawksnest Beach - empty in the early morning hour

Turtle Bay Beach - also empty.  This picture and the one above from Hawksnest were taken during our morning hike over Turtle Point Trail, so it was probably between 7 and 7:30am.  This was one of our favorite beaches, and of course, the farthest one away.  It's small, but the sand and water were really nice.  We snorkeled here one day, but the current was very strong while swimming off the left-hand side (facing out towards the water).  The current wasn't pushing us out to sea, just down the shoreline, which was rocks rather than beach, so we had to work to swim back to the beach.  That's what the flippers are for.

Turtle Point.  There was a wedding on this spot on Saturday while we were here.

Back at Caneel Bay Beach, we swam out to the raft just about daily.

This is Scott Beach.  We had this view from our picnic lunch on Tuesday.  The snorkeling was pretty good here too, but Caneel Bay Beach still had the best, in our opinion.

Pictures of our room - outside and in.