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On this page, we'll track our adventures as we hike the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  We moved to Ashland, NH in June 2005 and have taken the opportunity to hike as much as possible.  We've also got some accounts of camping trips we've taken (some backpacking and some "car camping").

Sorry we've been away from this site for awhile.  We started hiking more and thus had less time for posting!  So, we decided to go with SmugMug, which makes the posting a lot easier than it is on this home-grown site.  All our most recent trips can be found at http://charbs.smugmug.com.  I'm currently updating this web site so that the trips will be cataloged here, but the links will still go to the trip reports on SmugMug.

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Click on "The 'List'" above to read trail logs and see pictures from our hikes up the 4000 footers of New Hampshire. 

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  • Tim's B&W photo collection - this is on the navigation panel, but still under construction!
  • Adirondack High Peaks adventures - currently looking for the inspiration to start an entire new section for the Adirondacks that will be just as big as this entire site.  I'm not there yet.

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