Snowy Day on Mt Pemigewasset

Saturday, December 30, 2006

There was about 1-2 inches of snow when we left the car on Saturday morning.  Probably 5-6 inches when we returned.  It was a challenging day because the snow came down so hard all day that we got really wet.  That makes it a lot harder to stay warm.  Tim had piles of snow building up on top of his pack and in the "cracks" of the pockets of the pack.  Valerie had icicles forming on the rim of her fleece hat.  Every time that we brushed by a snowy evergreen, we got tons of snow dumped down our backs.

We got to try out our new crampons because there was a lot of ice under the snow.  They are challenging to walk in.  You have to walk a bit "exaggerated" in order to avoid a face-plant in the snow.

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Snowy Summit
Tim on the summit
Val on the summit