Kodi and Hallie - More News
The week of January 21st went great!  The two of them really got along well (as you can tell from the picture)!  They have really bonded and we were settling into a great routine.  We had our first vet visit and everyone was well, except for some sniffles/cough in Hallie.  The Dr. didn't think we needed to do anything about that unless it got worse.  We scheduled poor Hallie for another round of shots and de-worming for a future date.
Kodi is comfy on Tim's chair
Lovey cats!!
Is she brainy or just cold?

Then, it all went downhill... Hallie's little cough and sniffles quickly descended into a full-blown flu in what seemed like a matter of hours.  She wasn't eating or drinking.  She could hardly stand because her joints were so sore. We ended up taking her to the vet on Sunday night at about 6pm.  The wonderful Dr Bertrand gave her fluids and antibiotics.  She was running a fever of 105 (normal is 101-102).  It is so difficult to watch such a tiny creature refuse to eat.  She was already just skin-and-bones.  She just lay there on her little bed and hardly opened her eyes. 

This went on for a *long* time.  We talked with the vet office again on Tuesday morning, but there really wasn't anything they could offer us.  We steamed her (turned on the shower and made her sit in the bathroom) and tried to bait her with "tasty wet food", but nothing helped.  Until Wednesday morning when we were back at the vet getting more fluids and the Dr gave her some steroids to help with her joints. 

Finally, by Wednesday night/Thursday morning, she started to come back to life.  She's still a lot more fragile than she was.  We can't let 'the boy' rough-house with her yet, but she is eating and has the light in her eyes again.  Any strides she had made weight-wise have been negated - she's right back at the 2.5 lbs that she was when we got her.

Don't worry in the picture below.  The pellet stove isn't like a woodstove, the metal doesn't get hot - just slightly warm.  The house is warmer than it ever has been, so they are not freezing.  I think that the heat just felt good to her little body once she was moving around the house again.  You can see how skinny she is.   Kodi has been a trooper through all of this.  He enjoyed his days where he didn't have to compete for our attention so much, but he really did miss her a lot.  He wants to play so badly with her, but the first couple days since she started moving have been tough for him, as we yell every time he jumps on her.  He doesn't understand why he can't do it.  Last week, they were all over each other.

Enjoying the heat
New toy from Bob&Leah!