Kodi and Hallie - First Weekend with Us


Friday, January 18: Tim surprised me tonight with a trip to the Laconia Humane Society!  He planned this whole thing while I was gone… bought all the supplies and made a preparatory trip to the center where he selected a couple beautiful and appropriate kitties for us.  Today, we went and picked them up!

Hallie is a girl.  She’s tiny, about 10 weeks and her fur is “tortoise shell”.  She is an absolute spaz.  The first thing she did when we got her home was go into the litter box and stink up the joint!  We’re keeping them in the downstairs bathroom tonight.  They are both strays and have been living in small cages since they were brought to the shelter, so the bathroom is plenty big enough… Except when Hallie poops.  Whew!!  Anyways, as soon as she was done with that, then she drank some water and then ate and ate and ate… then ran in circles and climbed on us for awhile.  You can tell she’s a spaz because all her pictures are blurry.

Kudo is a boy.  He’s about 10 months old and his coloring is described as “buff”.  He’s a very light butterscotch color, and has the softest fur in the world.  He’s a lot more shy.  It will take a while for him to get used to people, but he gets along well with other cats and that was the main thing.  He basically found himself a high spot (on the bathroom counter) where he knew Hallie couldn’t get to him, and settled in.

Kudo went for the vertical escape route
What a handsome man!
This chick is a spaz!
Eat, drink, eat, drink, poop!

Saturday, January 19: First bit of news…”Kudo” was just a name that would not stick in our heads. Without realizing it, we kind-of switched over to Kodi.  So now he’s Kodi.  Hallie is still Hallie, although I pronounce it “Hal-ee” and Tim pronounces it “Hay-lee”.  No matter, most of the time she’s just “the little one” or “spaz” or “sweetie”.

Friday night, they stayed in the downstairs bathroom.  Tim didn’t sleep all night, listening for crying or fighting, but I think they were pretty quiet.    He got up early and opened the bathroom door.  She came busting out and he just stayed behind the washer.  Tim brought her up to bed with me and closed the door so that Kodi could have some quiet time.

Saturday was a little rough.  Kodi really didn’t want anything to do with the house, and stayed behind the washer most of the day.  We closed the bathroom door and just left him alone.  If we went in and sat down, he would come out and let us pet him.  And he would purr like crazy.  But he wouldn’t come out if the bathroom door was open.  When the two cats were together, there was a lot of hissing and swatting. The problem seemed to be that he was just not comfortable with the house yet (size, sounds, etc) and she, being the absolute spaz that she is, was just adding to his confusion.  Hallie, on the other hand, became comfortable with the house and us in about six minutes flat.  By 9am she was sprawled out on Tim in his chair, fast asleep.

We were a little worried about their compatibility and gave Tammy at the NHHS a call just to figure out if we should be segregating them or forcing them together.  She said not to segregate them, so when we went to the movies at 2pm, we put her back into the bathroom with him and closed it up.  Surprisingly, to us, when we got home and let them out, a treaty had apparently been signed.  Both are a little wary of the other, and give each other some space, but both also try to play with each other… Hallie acts really scared of him, but then goes after his tail as soon as he turns his back.

Last night, he finally came out and did some exploring in the evening.  We were both settled in watching TV, and Hallie was crashed out on Tim.  He did really well, and at the end of the evening, they both went back into the bathroom for the night.

Tim and Hallie relax
Tim and Hallie relax
Just like her parents, Hallie likes tents!
Chewing on toes
She still looks a bit freaky!

Sunday, January 20: Today’s been much better.  I think Kodi’s finally getting comfortable.  He’s discovered the birds at the feeders outside and he is *so excited*.  He also hopped up on the couch a couple times to look around, although he hasn’t lay down on it yet.  Both of them are going up and down the stairs like nobody’s business.  They think it’s very cool to hang out between the spindles and give me heart trouble.  Also, apparently hopping from the landing in the stairs down onto the desk, across the laptop keys, and down onto the floor is a preferred route rather than taking the stairs all the way to the bottom.

Everyone likes the tent
I could take that chickadee!
Birdies everywhere!
Handsome man
It's my tent now!
I'll take that tent back now!
Hallie finds a sunny spot on the stairs