Christmas at Charboneau's
1. Owen - Good Start.jpg
Owen is off to a good start!!
2. Owen - Enthusiastic Decorating.jpg
Owen is taken over by Enthusiastic Decorating!!
3. Heather and Will mesmerized.jpg
Heather and Will are mesmerized by Owen's cookie
4. Will - realistic cookies.jpg
Will wanted to make only "realistic" cookies
5. Ben - All on one Cookie.jpg
Ben, on the other hand, wanted to try all possible decorations on one Cookie
6. Heather - cookies.jpg
Heather also was quite enthusiastic
7. Gebhardt Brothers.jpg
Dan and Larry
8. Aunt Heather.jpg
Aunt Heather
9. Aunt Val.jpg
Aunt Val
10. Debi.jpg
11. Uncle Tim.jpg
Uncle Tim